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LED Throwies

Alternative to graffiti - works without scribbling
Author: Nils Gabelgaard, Beilstein, Germany
Online since: 20/06/2008, Number of visits: 346302
The latest hype with the tiny light diodes started in New York (USA). The artistic ensemble "Graffiti Research Lab", originators of the idea, is known for its crazy ideas for "alternative graffiti". Their efforts are based on the knowledge of how public authorities view and react to graffiti and vandalism. In many places, authorities are using "anti-graffiti" paints, which prevent a good hold for graffiti paints. Graffiti Research Lab wants to show that there are other means of creative expression which are more acceptable to society.
This is how the idea for LED Throwies and other ideas were developed. The Throwies can be easily attached to pieces of metal with the help of a magnet. They glow for 1-3 weeks depending on the quality of the battery and can be easily removed when required.
The LED-Throwies can be made quite cheaply, using:
  • a LED (10 mm diameter)
  • a lithium button cell battery (3V CR2032)
  • a neodymium disc magnet type S-10-02-N ( 10 mm in diameter, 2 mm in height)
  • ...and a little bit of duct tape
Position the LED so that both legs of the LED connect the two poles of the button cell battery. Careful: connect the longer leg with the positive pole of the battery ("cover") and the shorter leg with the negative pole ("underside"). Only in this way will the LED glow properly. Place the LED and the battery together on the duct tape.
Wrap the battery and the LED tightly with the duct tape. Place the disc magnet on the positive pole of the battery and finish wrapping the whole thing in the duct tape.
If you want, make additional Throwies in other colors.
See the LED-Throwies in action on the website of GRL.
And the same idea with a few additional twists on www.instructables.com.

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