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Decorative magnetic products for the home

Here you can find magnetic products that are especially suitable for your home: Original and decorative magnets, photo ropes and frames, magnetic knife racks for the kitchen, key holders, ... All products also make for great gifts.
Fridge magnets
Colourful and cute decorative magnets
Magnetic boards
Multi-functional magnetic noticeboards
Magnetic glass boards
Sophisticated & functional surfaces for magnets
Knife strips & blocks
A focal point in your kitchen
Key holders
To store your keys
Magnetic hooks & magnetic clips coloured
Perfect for lightweight items
Home accessories
Functional decorative items
Photo ropes
Creative photo display
Magnetic bars
To hold metal objects
Metal strips
Stylish surfaces for magnets
Self-adhering surfaces
Will stick (almost) anywhere
Picture frames
With magnetic closure
Magnetic paint
For versatile wall design
Memo holders
Cute magnetic animals as notice holders
Magnet sets
Find the perfect magnet

Magnet decoration: Clever magnetic accessories for your home

Be it in the kitchen, children’s room, hallway or workshop – you can utilise magnetic accessories in a wide variety of areas in your home. Wherever the colourful magnets, magnetic knife racks, photo ropes etc. are used, they add value. In many cases, said value lies in much-needed organisation. Thanks to these magnetic accessories, notes, letters, knives, keys, tools and many other items finally have a designated space. Browse through our assortment and be inspired by ways you can improve your flat with magnet decoration.

Popular magnetic accessories