Disc magnet rubber coated Ø 16,8 mm, height 9,4 mm

neodymium, N42
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These neodymium magnets feature a rubber coating and are suitable for permanent outdoor or underwater use. The advantages of rubber coated magnets at a glance:
  • Rust-resistant even in wet environments
  • Protection against scratches on delicate surfaces, such as whiteboards and magnetic glass boards
  • Substantially higher magnetic adhesive force in shear direction compared to neodymium magnets of similar size

Please note: The rubber coating may leave dark marks when the magnet is forcefully dragged over a surface. However, such marks can easily be removed with a moist cloth.
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Technical data

Article ID S-15-08-R
EAN 7640155437936
Material NdFeB
Strength approx. 3,7 kg (approx. 36,3 N)
Sticks to whiteboard 15 A4 sheets
Shape Disc
Diameter D 16,8 mm
Height 9,4 mm
Coating Rubber
Magnetisation N42
Max. working temperature 80°C
Weight 11 g
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Additional features and tips

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On these magnets the casting seam is clearly visible, which is a little unaesthetic but attributed to the conditions of production and not a material defect.

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