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The magnetic Thinking Putty impresses with cool tricks and fascinating effects. As soon as a super magnet comes close, it seems as if the Magnetic Thinking Putty comes to life.
Since the putty contains ferromagnetic microparticles, it is attracted by magnets. It gets totally bent out of shape in order to follow a magnet. The stronger the magnet, the more impressive are the reactions of the putty. The putty comes in a practical tin box, but withouth magnet.

Other nice characteristics of Magnetic Thinking Putty:
  • Does not contain water and therefore does not dry out
  • Does not stick or stain and is not greasy - keeps hands clean
  • Is nontoxic and therefore suitable for children 4 years and older (as long as the children only work with the putty - strong neodymium magnets should not be in the hands of children under 14)
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Technical data

Article ID M-PUTTY-FERRO/silver
EAN 8594164760358
Table of Contents 80 g
Colour Silver-coloured
Weight 140 g

Additional features and tips

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Make loops, form balls or pull it apart: This Magnetic Thinking Putty is up for anything! If you jerk the putty apart it breaks like paper and shows a clear breaking edge.
In this video you can see the magnetic putty in action. Makes you want to try it out for yourself.

Note: The magnets used in the video are not included in the delivery.
A suitable magnet is for instance the cube magnet 12 mm.

Attention: This is a very strong magnet - children under 14 need to be supervised to avoid injuries!
Features of Magnetic Thinking Putty
Depending on the type and strength of force applied, the Magnetic Thinking Putty displays very different features and behaviours.

That makes not only for great entertainment; it also has practical applications:
Thanks to its relatively firm consistency, it is used as therapy putty, helps with smoke withdrawal and stress reduction.
Magnetic Thinking Putty and magnets
This putty is not only attracted to magnets, it likes to eat them up! If you place a magnet next to or on top of the putty, it "devours" it within minutes. But don't worry: The swallowed magnet can be easily removed from the putty without leaving stains.
The Magnetic Thinking Putty is harder than regular silly putty, so you have more ways to shape it:
If you pull it apart slowly, it won't rip, but you can pull it like a giant gum into a long thread.
If no force is applied, the magic putty just "melts away," which means: If you shape it in some way and put it down, it will turn into a flat lump after a while.
When you roll it into a ball, the Thinking Putty bounces up down like a rubber ball - without losing its shape.
A strong magnet can magnetise the ferromagnetic micro particles in the putty. Therefore, the magnetic compound can attract and lift up small metal objects, such as paperclips and safety pins.

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