Silly Putty Glow

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Silly Putty "Glow" impresses with cool tricks and fascinating effects. You can shape it, knead it, pull it, rip it, or let it bounce. Additional feature: It glows in the dark! Available in 3 different variations: "Krypton" (radioactive green), "Northern Light" (milky blue) and the fascinating "Glacial Ice", which also changes colour. The magic putty is delivered in a practical metal container.

Other nice characteristics of Silly Putty:
  • Does not contain water and therefore does not dry out
  • Does not stick or stain and is not greasy – keeps hands clean
  • Is nontoxic and therefore suitable for children 4 years and older
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Technical data

Table of Contents 80 g
Weight 140 g

Additional features and tips

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You can make figures of all shapes with the putty. They also glow in the dark :-)

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Make pasta, loops, let it bounce or rip it apart: This putty is up for anything and glows on top of it!
Depending on the type and strength of force applied, the putty displays very different features and behaviours.

That makes not only for great entertainment; it also has practical applications:
Thanks to its relatively firm consistency, it is used as therapy putty, helps with smoke withdrawal and stress reduction.
The type "Glacial Ice" combines two of the most popular additional features of the Silly Putty: It glows in the dark and changes its colour while you knead it!
When you open the can, "Glacial Ice" is light blue; warmth makes it change to greenish-white. In the dark, on the other hand, it glows blueish. Hence, you get two special effects in one putty - you gotta have one!
When it's light, the putty looks just plain white and a little shiny. But when you turn off the lights, it unfolds its illuminating power. To "charge" hold the putty under a lamp for a minute - and then be amazed in the dark.