Suction cup magnet Ø 40 mm extra-strong

with pot magnet with internal thread Ø 20 mm
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This suction cup with a 40 mm diameter is screwed together with a pot magnet with an internal thread on the back side. You can use it to temporarily hang up heavy ferromagnetic objects such as a large metal sign.

Please note:
  • Surface requirements for suction cups: The surface needs to be completely smooth and clean (free from grease and dust) before attaching the suction cup, which needs to be clean as well.
  • Don't put suction cup magnets in places with high temperature and humidity fluctuations, which can quickly lead to a loss of suction power.
  • The embedded magnets will start to rust in wet surroundings such as the kitchen or bathroom at some point, so you will have to exchange them.
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Technical data

Article ID M-SN-05
EAN 7640155439305
Material NdFeB
Diameter suction cup 40 mm
Diameter 16 mm
Height 20 mm
Material suction cup Silicone
Magnet Pot magnets 20 mm with internal thread
Thread M 5
Magnetisation N38
Adhesive force of the magnet 6 kg
Weight 23 g

Additional features and tips

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Do not attach heavy or breakable objects to the suction cup magnets as they may not be adhering well enough. If the suction cup detaches and the object drops it may damage the counter or floor below.

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Pot magnet and suction cup can be screwed apart and used separately.