Horseshoe magnet small

50 x 40 mm, AlNiCo5, red-green coated
promptly deliverable


The AlNiCo horseshoe magnet is 50 mm x 40 mm big and red-green coated. The north pole is located on the red end. The horseshoe magnet is well packaged for shipping, the poles are short-circuited with a magnet keeper. These classic horseshoe magnets are popular in school experiments.

Almost all magnets on our website are made of NdFeB (neodymium iron boron). These horseshoe magnets are of a different material however, AlNiCo (aluminium nickel cobalt as well as iron). AlNiCo is better suitable for horseshoe magnets because it is less brittle and much more heat-resistant (up to approx. 450 degree Celsius). However, AlNiCo is approx. 8 times weaker than NdFeB, but still much stronger than a ferrite magnet (=refrigerator magnet). A NdFeB magnet in a horseshoe shape would break too easily and therefore is not produced in this material.
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Technical data

Article ID EDU-3
EAN 7640155431750
Weight 62 g

Additional features and tips

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The magnetic field of a horseshoe magnet can be well illustrated with iron filings.

Caution: The horseshoe magnets are not evenly magnetised over the full length. Only the tip of the magnet has a clear north or south pole (see picture).
Therefore, if you need a rather big and homogeneous field for your experiments in class, you are better off with two normal neodymium block magnets placed opposite from each other.

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We thank Bram Spaan, photo artist from the Netherlands, for these great photos with different AlNiCo magnets (