Bar magnet rectangular long

100 x 15 mm, AlNiCo5, red-green coated
promptly deliverable


The long block-shaped AlNiCo bar is 100 mm x 15 mm x 10 mm big and red-green coated. The poles lie on the small areas with 15 mm x 10 mm, the north pole is located on the red end. This magnet is suitable to demonstrate the magnetic field of an oblong magnet.

Almost all magnets on our website are made of NdFeB (neodymium iron boron). These school magnets with their coloured poles are of a different material however, AlNiCo (aluminium nickel cobalt as well as iron). AlNiCo is suitable for educational purposes because it is less brittle and therefore less breakable. However, AlNiCo is approx. 8 times weaker than NdFeB, but still much stronger than a ferrite magnet (=refrigerator magnet).
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Technical data

Article ID EDU-8
EAN 7640155431804
Weight 110 g

Additional features and tips

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That's how the magnetic field of oblong bars and rods looks like. Iron filings are well suited to visualize magnetic fields.

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We thank Bram Spaan, photo artist from the Netherlands, for these great photos with different AlNiCo magnets (