Rod magnet Ø 6,35 mm, height 25,4 mm

Neodymium, N42, nickel-plated
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Strong rod magnets. In this photo with a steel sphere in the centre. In the additional photos, you can see the magnets also in combination with other magnets. Every rod magnet is so strong, that each can hold 80 additional rod magnets without a problem. Also suitable as a compass.
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Technical data

Article ID S-06-25-N
EAN 7640155437349
Material NdFeB
Shape Rod
Diameter 6,35 mm
Height 25,4 mm
Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to height)
Coating Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation N42
Strength approx. 1,7 kg (approx. 16,7 N)
Max. working temperature 80°C
Weight 6,1 g
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Additional features and tips

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A simple compass!
The free-swinging rod made of 8 rod magnets aligns itself to the north-south poles.

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This structure rotated with a single push for 25 minutes! The explanation for this is the low amount of friction and the minimal amount of aerodynamic resistance. The low friction stems from the two steel spheres (on top) having contact over a very small surface area only and also because the structure is so heavy, that it is nearly ready to fall. By the way, the two steel spheres are not magnets, but are magnetised through the rod magnets.