Sandwich magnet with loop

ferrite magnet system in plastic housing, square, 58 x 58 mm
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This strong hard-ferrite eyelet magnet with a white plastic housing is ideal for discreetly hanging up promotional material for product presentation in exhibition spaces.
Place the square magnet on the ceiling or on other ferromagnetic surfaces, such as sales displays, shelves, paneling, etc. and securely hang up, for instance, promotional boards, price labels or products with string or hook through a grommet.

When used outdoors, a rust film may develop on individual parts, which will not impair its function, however.
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Technical data

Article ID WS-HOOK-02
EAN 7640155438834
Material Ferrite
Strength approx. 30 kg (approx. 294 N)
Length 58 mm
Width 58 mm
Height 15 mm
Total height with hook H3 44 mm
Thread M 6
Weight 130 g

Additional features and tips

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The special sandwich construction substantially enhances the adhesive force of the embedded ferrite magnets (compared to regular ferrite magnets), which allows this magnet system to support up to 30 kg.

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The hook can easily be unscrewed and replaced by other hooks or eyelets with an M6 thread.