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Binder clips “mauly” 19 mm

metal, set of 12, not magnets!

Article ID M-MLY-19
UoS 1 set
Brand: MAUL
1 set 2,67 EUR/set
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2,67 EUR

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With the “mauly” binder clips, a practical office classic is being added to our assortment. The sturdy metal clips hold paper without leaving any traces or causing any damage. These foldback clips also firmly grip letters, postcards, photos etc. If you add a magnet to the binder clip, you can attach it to ferromagnetic surfaces such as metal shelves, metal strips or filing cabinets, creating a myriad of new application possibilities for these “maulys“.

Binder clips can do more than just hold paper. Attach the clips to a table and use them as cable support. Use them to close open food packages such as bags of crisps, coffee or pasta. You can even use the clips as a holding device during DIY projects. These are only a few of the many creative uses for foldback clips.

These large binder clips by the German brand MAUL are made of rust-resistant spring steel and have a clip opening of 19 mm. That means you can clip together 190 sheets of paper weighing 80 g/ m². The silvery handles can be folded back or even removed if needed. One set contains 12 binder clips.

Technical data

Article IDM-MLY-19
Clamp width19 mm
Width40 mm
Height70 mm
Quantity per set12 pieces
Weight180 g/set

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