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Magnetic pins 'The Boss', holds approx. 7 kg

strong office magnets neodymium, set of 3

Article ID M-51
Strength approx. 7 kg
Displacement force approx. 1,4 kg
UoS 1 set
1 set 16,21 EUR/set
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These magnetic pins have an impressive adhesive force of 7 kg. A single one of these magnets can hold up to 20 sheets of A4 paper on a whiteboard. Can your wimpy ferrite fridge magnet do the same? The office magnets with the great sounding name “The Boss” are not only very strong but are also easy to grip and look very sophisticated. Perfect for the office or as a practical and beautiful gift.

Please note

This article is not suitable for use on magnetic paint or magnetic glass boards. Please refer to our FAQs to find out which magnets are recommended for such use:
FAQ magnetic paint & FAQ magnetic glass board

Technical data

Article IDM-51
Strengthapprox. 7 kg (approx. 68,6 N)
Sticks to whiteboard20 A4 sheets
Quantity per set3 pieces
Height24 mm
Diameter D20 mm
Weight per magnet40 g
Weight140 g/set

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