Sew-in magnets 18 x 2 mm angular

with square PVC cover
promptly deliverable


These are disc magnets (18 x 2 mm) with an adhesive force of almost 2 kg, shrink-wrapped into a square PVC cover. They can be sewn into clothing or used in wet surroundings without rusting. A sales unit contains a strip with 5 magnet pairs, which equals 10 individual magnets.

Thanks to the plastic covering, the magnets can be washed in the washing machine. To avoid damage to the machine or fabrics you should wash clothing with magnets in a laundry bag on the delicate cycle (no spinning). Do not wash magnets hotter than 80° C, as this will cause the magnets to demagnetise.
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Technical data

Article ID M-SEW-03
EAN 7640155433945
Material NdFeB
Strength approx. 1,9 kg (approx. 18,6 N)
Shape Disc
Diameter 18 mm
Height 2 mm
Side length PVC cover 35 mm
Coating Zinc (Zn)
Magnetisation N35
Weight 4 g
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Additional features and tips

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You need to be careful during sewing, since generally many parts of the sewing machine (needle plate, sewing foot, needle) are ferromagnetic and the magnet may adhere to them.

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Thanks to the plastic cover, the magnet can be directly sewed onto the fabric.
Application: A tailor sews a blouse for an older woman. She should be able to open and close the blouse with one hand. This is where sew-in magnets come in handy as an alternative to buttons.
One magnet in plastic cover each will be placed on both sides of the blouse in between two layers of fabric and then carefully sewn in.
When they are sewed-in, the magnets are practically invisible.