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Self-adhesive magnetic sheet neodymium

with extra-strong adhesive force, to cut & glue, A4 format, grey-black

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This self-adhesive magnetic sheet in A4 format has a sensational adhesive force of 450 g/cm² and is therefore about 5 x stronger than our standard magnetic sheet MS-A4-STIC. This is made possible by the raw material neodymium iron boron, which is usually used for the production of super magnets.
The sheet can be cut to the desired size and is suitable for hanging heavier objects. The visible magnetic side is dark-grey to black.

The self-adhesive magnetic sheet must be applied to suitable surfaces, pressed on and left to bond. Otherwise, air bubbles will form, and the sheet may detach. Please read our FAQ about self-adhesive products.

Please note

Magnets should not be placed on self-adhesive magnetic sheets, because they would demagnetise the sheets. Suitable surfaces for magnets are our magnetic boards, for example.

Technical data

Adhesive3M, No. 9448A
Shelf life adhesive6 months (approx.)
Sizeapprox. A4 (297 x 210 mm)
Thickness1,5 mm
Max. working temperature100°C
Strength450 g/cm²
Weight470 g
The flux detector beautifully visualises the lamellar magnetisation of this sheet. North and south poles alternate closely spaced. That leads to a higher adhesive force at direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces.