Magnetic paper matt

printable, A4 format, set of 10
promptly deliverable


Matt magnetic paper for your best photos! With this magnetic paper (matt) you can quickly turn your photos into individual fridge magnets. Print the photo on this paper, cut to the desired size and attach it to a metal surface - done! Important: Magnetic paper is very thin and therefore will never match the adhesive force of a magnetic sheet. To avoid disappointments, we recommend cutting it into large enough pieces (at least 10x10 cm) and to attach them to completely smooth surfaces. One set of glossy magnetic paper contains 10 sheets.

The magnetic paper works with almost all laser printers and copiers as well as inkjet printers and is so thin, that it can be cut with regular scissors. Caution: Not suitable for thermal printers! Besides printing, you can also write or draw on this paper, using waterproof markers. Please also refer to our extensive FAQ about labelling.

Important note regarding printer settings: Use the manual printer feed and choose a high print quality. Also, select a heavy paper type setting (at least 150 g). The print quality may vary depending on the printer and printer settings.
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Technical data

Article ID MIP-A4-02
EAN 7640155434393
Quantity per set 10 A4 sheets
Weight per A4 sheet 42,5 g
Colour White
Size approx. A4 (297 x 210 mm)
Thickness 0,26 mm
Magnetisation Isotropic
Strength 6 g/cm²
Weight 420 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Magnetic paper is not suitable as a magnetic base for magnets! The magnets would even demagnetise the paper. A good base for magnets are our magnetic boards.