Coloured magnetic sheet

for labelling and arts & crafts, A4 format
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For labelling, arts & crafts, highlighting - there is no limit to your imagination. The A4 magnetic sheets are available in 13 different colours, including white, black, grey, silver and gold. The sheet is 1 mm thick and you can cut it and write on it. At room temperature the sheet is elastic and good to work with.

The magnetic sheet consists of strontium ferrite and flexible plastic. The front side is laminated with light-resistant PVC and writable with pencil, pen or waterproof marker. You can remove most of the writing with alcohol, petrol or eraser, but marks might remain. You can find more detailed information in our FAQ signage.

You can also digital/silkscreen print on the sheets. Please refer to our tips for printing on sheets.
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Technical data

Article ID MS-A4
Size approx. A4 (297 x 210 mm)
Thickness 1 mm
Magnetisation Anisotropic
Strength 80 g/cm²
Weight 230 g

Additional features and tips

With colourful magnetic sheets you can make a Tangram game for the whiteboard or magnetic board in no time. Here we used pink, purple and grey - but you can create your own colour combinations of course.

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The flux detector beautifully visualises the lamellar magnetisation. North and south poles alternate closely spaced. That leads to a higher adhesive force at direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces.
The sheet is anisotropically magnetised, which gives it a higher adhesive force then many other standard magnetic sheets. Compare the adhesive force indications before you make your decision.
Endless arts & crafts: You can easily cut the sheets to the desired size with regular scissors or a utility knife.
How practical: The magnetic cut-outs are stealing the show on our red magnetic strip.
A few cuts and there you have practical symbols that help with your brainstorming.
If you don't want to cut out your own, you can also purchase punched-out magnetic symbols in our online shop.
Quickly made and very visible: The magnetic arrow, labelled by hand, shows the way.
Magnetic sheets are not suitable as a magnetic base magnets! The magnets would even demagnetise the sheets. A good base for magnets are our magnetic boards.