Photo rope 3 m

with 2 loops, incl. 30 magnets
promptly deliverable


The longest photo rope in our assortment! It comes with a 2 mm thick steel rope has a loop on both ends. It can be hung horizontally with two nails or screws. Included in the delivery are 30 small neodymium magnets and a 3 m long steel rope with loops. The photo rope and the magnets will be delivered in a simple and transparent plastic box.
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Technical data

Article ID FL-06
EAN 7640155432320
Material NdFeB
Length 300 cm
Magnet S-05-05-N
Weight 93 g

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Available: 1 750 100 pcs.

Additional features and tips

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But this 3 m rope can do much more than just hang around horizontally!
With additional nails or screws you can arrange the rope on the wall in any order and it provides space for a lot of photos, postcards and notes.