Photo rope 1,5 m W

with loop and steel weight, incl. 15 neodymium magnets
promptly deliverable


1,5 m long photo rope with weight
This photo rope guarantees a stylish presentation of photos and postcards. A heavy and sturdy steel weight keeps the 2 mm thick steel rope perpendicular. With the 15 enclosed super magnets you can attach postcards and photos steadfast without damaging them. This photo rope is made of high-quality material and is produced for us in Switzerland by the sheltered workshop Murghof.
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Technical data

Article ID FL-02
EAN 7640155432283
Material NdFeB
Length 150 cm
Magnet S-05-05-N
Made in Switzerland
Weight 150 g

Additional features and tips

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That's the photo rope in full length.

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A massive steel weight makes sure that the rope is always firm and perpendicular.

The weight is made of high-quality and stainless machine steel and weighs about 80 gramme.
The photo rope and the magnets will be delivered in a simple and transparent plastic box.
The magnets are small and inconspicuous.
The hike from Nuorgam to Sevettijärvi in the north of Finland was very impressive by the way. I won't forget the 20 kg backpack...
Photos, postcards, family pictures, passport pictures, notes, recipes,... everything can be hung up and taken down again in seconds.

A gift that might look modest at first, but one that will be looked at a lot and that can be enjoyed for years to come.