Photo rope 1 m

with 2 loops, incl. 10 neodymium magnets
promptly deliverable


1 m long photo rope with 2 loops
This photo rope with a 2 mm thick steel rope has a loop on both ends. It can be hung horizontally with two nails or screws. Included in the delivery are 10 small neodymium magnets and a 1 m long steel rope with loops.
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Technical data

Article ID FL-04
EAN 7640155432306
Material NdFeB
Length 100 cm
Made in Switzerland
Magnet S-05-05-N
Weight 54 g

Additional features and tips

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This photo rope does not come with a steel weight but with two loops.

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The photo rope is normally hung up horizontally.
The photo rope and the magnets will be delivered in a simple and transparent plastic box.