Picture frame 11,5 x 9 cm

with magnetic catch, made of transparent acrylic glass, for portrait or landscape format
promptly deliverable


This picture frame made of acrylic glass shows the best side of your photos. Portrait or landscape format - the stable frame stands sturdy on its broad, polished sides.
Thanks to the magnets sunk into the corners, the frame can be opened and closed in no time, so you can quickly exchange a picture. The frame edges are nicely smoothed and the surfaces are as smooth as glass. A beautifully shaped and shatter-proof picture frame for all occasions!
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Technical data

Article ID FRM-01
EAN 4002390042642
Material Acrylic
Brand MAUL
Length 115 mm
Width 90 mm
Thickness 24 mm
Tolerance +/- 1 mm
Weight 310 g

Additional features and tips

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The magnets stick together darned well. You have to pull mightily to open the frame.

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The picture can well be as big as the whole frame - the magnets are sunk and won't damage the picture.
The pictures of a snail is being centred.
And now close it carefully in order to not brake the snail-shell. :-)
The exact dimensions of the frame are 114 x 90 x 24 mm.
Pictures can reach the outer edges and can be up to 114 x 90 mm.
The frame stands sturdy on the wide side ...
... as well as on the long side.
Surfaces as smooth as glass make for a polished appearance - regardless of the angle.
Your picture is safe between these panes .
The panes tolerate a lot - each is 12 mm thick.
The five acrylic picture frames with magnetic clasp in a direct size comparison: Up front is the Picture frame 7 x 5 cm, in the middle the Picture frame 11,5 x 9 cm, Picture frame 15 x 11,5 cm, Picture frame 18 x 13 cm and in the back the large Picture frame 21 x 15 cm.