Letters magnetic

for labelling metal shelves, 2-piece set, 120 characters per A4 sheet
promptly deliverable


This set with magnetic letters contains two magnetic sheets in A4 format with punch-out letters and punctuation marks. The letters are printed black on white background and the font size ranges between 17 mm and 21 mm.

Magnetic letters work well on whiteboards, planning boards or for labeling metal shelves. They also adhere to all sorts of other metal surfaces.

Set letters and punctuation marks
  • Letters: A-Z
  • Punctuaction marks: ! ? & ( ) # @ : , ; " '

Technical data

Article ID BA-015LN/letters
EAN 7640155431200
Quantity per set 240 pieces
Size 2 x 2.5 cm
Version Letters and punctuation marks
Weight 510 g/set