Key rack magnetic extra strong

stainless steel with felt coating, for 8 keys
promptly deliverable


Magnetic keyboard in a league of its own
Actually it's much too strong for the purpose! The eight huge magnets on the back of the board (S-20-10-N, with a holding power of 12 kg each) guarantee a rock solid hold on your keys, dog leash, ...
And because this piece is so over the top and slightly mad, it's just the deal for our shop! :-)
The usable area is 25 x 15 cm and thanks to a protective black felt cover it won't be scratched during your key throwing efforts.
It's simply a fun thing!
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Technical data

Article ID FO-7
EAN 4260074031492
Length 25 cm
Width 15 cm
Made in Germany
Colour Black
Weight 680 g

Additional features and tips

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Modern keys are generally not magnetic, but the cheaper mailbox and garage keys as well as the keyrings usually are.

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The "board" is actually made of 1,5 mm thick steel.
The magnetic force on the key ring alone is enough to hold the whole bunch of keys.
A single mailbox key can even stand on its edge - the magnetic field is actually almost too strong for this job. You need this magnetic pitchboard as much as you need a 500hp car.
Even this little pyramid out of 11 steel balls holds its shape and doesn't fall off the vertically (!) mounted pitchboard.
Such a superstrong pitchboard is a cool toy ...
All the necessary mounting material is included.
The magnet on top (the one with with the screw) will be fixed to the wall and the lower magnet (glued to the metal sheet) attaches magnetically to the magnet on the wall.