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Zubits® L

magnetic shoe closures, for sports shoes & tall people, in different colours

Article ID M-ZUB-03
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Brand: Zubits
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22,17 EUR

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Zubits® size L - suitable for tall or very active adults; and for boots or heavy shoes with sturdy soles

No more tying your shoelace? No more tripping over open shoelaces or untangling knots? Zubits® is the solution!

The magnetic shoelace closures Zubits® allow you to put your shoes on and off quickly and comfortably, while providing a secure foothold, even when you are active (e.g. sports).

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Quick installation on the shoes
  • Available in many colours and three sizes
  • Last much longer than the life span of a shoe and can be re-used on new shoes
  • Don't wear out and provide a consistent strength

Technical data

Article ID M-ZUB-03
Material NdFeB
Brand Zubits
Use Sports shoes and tall people
Length 46 mm
Width 23 mm
Height 7,4 mm
Weight 45 g/set


Detailed instructions are enclosed in the packaging. We also provide them as downloads:
Practical: With the magnetic Zubits you can hang up your shoes on ferromagnetic surfaces.
The right size for everyone:

Zubits® size S: For children, elderly or adults with light shoes for walking

Zubits® size M: For adults and youth for playing, running, workout or light active use

Zubits® size L: For large or very active adults for boots or heavy shoes with sturdy soles

Tidy and secure: Zubits make shoes look tidy and prevent tripping over open shoelaces.