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Metal disc with counterbore Ø 65 mm

as a counterpart to magnets, not a magnet!

Article ID MD-65
UoS 5 Piece
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These metal discs are suitable as base surfaces for our magnets, e.g. disc or hook magnets. They can easily be screwed onto non-magnetic surfaces with a countersunk screw. The metal discs are not rust-proof and therefore not suitable for outdoor use.

Technical data

Article IDMD-65
Diameter D65 mm
Height H3 mm
Borehole d15,7 mm
Borehole d211,7 mm
CoatingNickel (Ni)
Weight76 g
PDF data sheet
This disc is especially suitable as a counterpart to these articles:
These metal discs are not rust-resistant and therefore not suitable for outdoor use.

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