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Metal disc with an edge and counterbore M3

Inner diameter 21 mm, as a counterpart to magnets, not a magnet!

Article ID MSD-21
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These metal discs with an edge are the perfect magnetic bases for our (e.g.) pot magnets or magnetic hooks. They are countersunk and can be fastened with a fitting countersunk screw to create an even support area.

The edge of these metal discs prevents the magnet from sliding down if attached in a vertical position, which counteracts the shear force and maintains a high adhesive force.

Note: Once a magnet of suitable size (e.g. CSN-20) sits on the disc, it is hard to remove thanks to the edge. Therefore, make sure you first attach the metal disc and the magnet to the desired object (or screw in the hook/grommet/handle).

The metal discs are not rustproof and hence not suitable for outdoor use.

The following screws fit into the MSD-21, for example:

  • Slotted countersunk wood screw: DIN 97
  • Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws (machine screw): ISO 7046-2 M5
  • Countersunk torx screws/hexalobular socket (machine screw): ISO 14581 M5
  • Hexagon socket countersunk flat head screws (machine screw): ISO 10642 M5

Technical data

Article IDMSD-21
Diameter D21 mm
Height H2 mm
Material strength t1 mm
Made inGermany
MaterialStructural steel ST37
CoatingZinc-Plated (Zn)
Weight5,5 g

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