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You know how it is: Regular bookends are often not sturdy enough to hold heavy books. How annoying when the whole stack falls over and maybe even damages the books! The solution comes in form of these magnetic bookends: Thanks to the strong magnetic area on the bottom side, they securely stay in place on steel shelves and provide the wanted stability.
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Technical data

Article ID M-BOOK
Length 14 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 14 cm
Material thickness 0,8 mm
Table of Contents 2 pieces
Made in Germany
Brand MAUL
Weight 510 g/set

Additional features and tips

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The wide magnetic tape on the bottom side ensures stability on ferrous surfaces.

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Large and heavy books are securely and discreetly kept in place on the black steel shelf.
With additional magnets you can even add notes on the side of the bookends, which is very helpful when you have an open shelf design.
The bookends are available in three different colours: silver, black and grey.
Indestructible: Made of powder-coated steel, scratch-resistant
Classy: High-quality gloss finish
Gentle: Rounded-down corners, no sharp edges
Made in Germany