Beer tree small

magnetic beer cap collector, ideal party gift, holds up to 70 bottle caps
promptly deliverable


The beer tree: an original product to collect bottle caps with a strong sphere magnet
You'd like to see a tree grow and prosper, but you don't have a green thumb? Then the beer tree is the right thing for you! You just need to be thirsty, because with every bottled beer your tree will grow a little bit. Hence, the beer tree turns every beer lover into a gardener.

The strong magnet on the top of the tree trunk can easily hold 50 bottle caps if you work on it even up to 70. The more you add, the more impressive the treetop will be.
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Technical data

Article ID M-39
EAN 7640155433495
Made in Germany
Weight 97 g

Additional features and tips

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Each beer tree is one-of-a-kind. There are straight or crooked trees, some with or without branches.
The tree with foundation is approx. 12 cm high, the foundation has a diameter of 8 cm. The product will be delivered without bottle caps.
The beer tree is hand-made in Germany.

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A sphere magnet 19 mm with an adhesive force of 5,6 kg is holding the bottle caps. The sphere magnet can be removed for easy cleaning.
The beer tree will be delivered in a practical labeled box, which makes a nice gift.
A dream team for the next party: The small or large beer tree combined with the magnetic bottle opener. Boring bottle caps go in the rubbish bin, the prettier ones can be collected and displayed on the beer tree.