deco magnets with felt protectors, set of 3
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The carefully crafted super magnets with a toadstool-inspired design help to hold on to important things. And they do it with care: A glued-on felt disc prevents scratches on delicate surfaces. Despite the felt layer, such a magnet can hold thicker paper of up to approx. 500 grammes. A postcard is therefore nothing to this muscle magnet.

The colourful helpers are produced in the protected "Transit workshop" in Switzerland, then assorted and packaged in pretty cardboard boxes with sliders. They make for a nice gift.
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-43
Strength approx. 500 g (approx. 4,9 N)
Quantity per set 3 pieces
Made in Switzerland
Weight 57 g/set

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Additional features and tips

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Really strong doesn't necessarily mean really big. In this case, all the power is concentrated and securely contained behind a layer of felt. Sometimes, so much power needs to restrained. At the same time, the head is large enough for easy grasping.