strong fridge magnet, with Swarovski crystals
promptly deliverable


The starfish made of 300 sparkling Swarovski elements is not just made for superstars, but also looks good on your refrigerator. Contrary to Diamond Star this magnets is shaped like a star and not square.
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-54
EAN 7640144092528
Strength approx. 400 g (approx. 3,92 N)
Colour Transparent
Diameter 4,2 mm
Number of crystals 300 pieces
Sticks to whiteboard 7 A4 sheets
Weight 9 g

Additional features and tips

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The gem will be delivered in this distinctive box. The perfect gift idea for romantics, glitter fans and all those who could use a little glamour in their lives.

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Not just pretty, but also practical: Holds up to 7 A4 sheets.
The pretty thing is made of 300 Swarovski elements that are cast in acrylic glass based on a worldwide unique technique.
A strong neodymium magnet lends this classy item an adhesive force of 400 g.
Through the worldwide unique IMPLEXIONS technique, the precious SWAROVSKI® crystals are embedded seamlessly and without bubbles in high-quality Plexiglas®. That creates the fascinating illusion of levitating, sparkling elements.