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Mini magnets 'Steely', holds approx. 800 g

office magnets neodymium, 6 x 3 mm, set of 10, in different colours

Article ID LIV-44
Strength approx. 800 g
UoS 1 set
Brand: Trendform
1 set 9,98 EUR/set
incl. VAT plus shipping

9,98 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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Sometimes less is more: True to this motto, our tiny Steely magnets hold pictures and documents in a very stylish and inconspicuous fashion. The trendy colours add pizazz to your magnetic board, without being a distraction. These tiny Steely minis look cute, yet they are mighty powerful: A single one of these can hold 6 A4 sheets on a whiteboard without a problem.

Please note: The colour coating of the Steelys may be damaged, if they are dragged over a surface with a lot of force or allowed to collide in an uncontrolled manner. These Steely magnets pose a choking hazard and must be kept away from children.

Technical data

Article ID LIV-44
Material NdFeB
Strength approx. 800 g (approx. 7,85 N)
Brand Trendform
Diameter 6 mm
Height 3 mm
Quantity per set 10 pieces
Sticks to whiteboard 6 A4 sheets
Weight 24 g/set
The colourful Steelys also work well with our photo ropes.
They safely hold up your photos and postcards.
Our Steelys are also masters of camouflage: Thanks to the white colour and small size, these mini magnets are almost invisible on white paper.

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