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Who doesn't like the legendary NICI plush toys? We have some running around in our supermagnete assortment - naturally with magnetic feet! Each foot or paw contains a strong magnet, which allows the cute animals to hold on to fridges or magnetic boards.
The fluffy magnetic animals don't just hang out on fridges or magnetic boards, they like it anyplace that has a ferromagnetic surface! Hence, you can find them sometimes on table legs, door frames, shelves or lamps.

But the MagNICI plush toys are flexible. If there is no magnetic surface, they can also latch onto backpacks, thin branches, cable or potted plants for instance.

The NICI unicorns Rainbow Flair (with wings), Theodor (without wings) and Merry Heart (pink with wings), Panther Carter, Skunk Steve, Cuddly Bear dark brown, Meerkat and Cat Lazy are part of the most popular NICI plush toy collections and supplement our magnetic animal selection nicely. Which magnetic NICI plush toys do you pick?
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-123
Brand NICI
Length 12 cm
Material Polyester plush
Filling Polyester wool
Washable 30 ° C
Weight 22 g

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Additional features and tips

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The supermagnete assortment contains MagNICI plush toys for the following NICI collections: Theodor & Friends, Forest Friends, Meerkat, NICI Classic Bear, etc.

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The German Company NICI was founded in 1986 and has since turned into a global brand. The use of high quality materials (such as the characteristic NICI plush) and unique design swept countless fans worldwise off their feet.