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Which magnets should I use for a magnet motor / a perpetual motion machine?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you any advice on the subject; though we do find the topic extremely fascinating. According to applicable laws of physics, a magnet motor can not run without external energy input. The same reason also makes it impossible for such a magnetic motor to generate energy autonomously.

This YouTube video-link clearly explains the facts and demonstrates why magnet motors can not generate free energy.
Despite the existing clear evidence, controversial discussions about building magnet motors, perpetual motion machines with magnets or SMOTs (Simple Magnetic Overunity Toys) continue in forums, blogs and video clips. Again and again, posts and videos surface showing construction diagrams or supposedly functioning “magnetic motors”, which can seemingly be used to replace conventional energy sources. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that, to this day, there is no magnet motor capable of generating energy perpetually and without external energy input.

Should you nonetheless be interested in experiments on this subject, you can find in our customer projects an experimental model of a magnet motor meant to generate free energy. A fully functional conventional magnetic motor can be found in the project "Mendocino motor" – this one is powered by small solar panels. You can also find other fascinating projects under the headings "Engine" and "Electricity".