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Questions and answers about superflex products

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superflex 2-in-1 / 3-in-1 wallpaper and magnetic wallpaper

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions and answers for the superflex magnetic wallpaper, superflex 2-in-1 wallpaper and superflex 3-in-1 wallpaper.

On what types of surfaces can superflex wallpapers be installed?

Superflex wallpapers adhere to any smooth surface. Before wallpapering, remove any loose paint or old wallpaper and fill holes and cracks in the wall. Smooth out any bumps with sandpaper. Absorbent surfaces should be treated with superflex primer before wallpapering.

Can I apply the wallpaper myself?

Since one roll of wallpaper weighs 15 kg, two people should install it together.

Is it easy to cut the wallpaper to size?

Yes, it can be easily cut to the desired size using a box cutter.

Do I have to wear protective clothing to install the wallpaper?

We recommend you wear gloves during the installation. The edges of the magnetic wallpaper are sharp and could lead to cuts.

Is the wallpaper self-adhesive?

No, you need a strong wallpaper paste such as superflex vinyl wallpaper paste for the installation.

What should I do if bubbles form under the wallpaper?

Try to push the bubbles out with a wallpaper spatula while the wallpaper paste is still wet. If this no longer works, you can proceed as follows:
  • Pierce the bubble with a sharp knife or pointy needle. The puncture hole should be as small as possible.
  • Press down on the bubble to get the air out.
  • Use a glue applicator or syringe to squirt adhesive into the opening.
  • Smooth out the bubble.
  • Wipe off any excess adhesive with a damp sponge.

How can I avoid unsightly joints when wallpapering?

Overlap the edges slightly, then use a box cutter to make a double cut through both layers of wallpaper. If you don’t want to use the double cut method, make sure that you cut the wallpaper very straight before wallpapering. This will allow you to simply push the wallpaper strips together.

Can I paint over the superflex wallpaper or apply another wallpaper over it?

We recommend you do not paint over the 2-in-1 / 3-in-1 wallpaper, because it will lose its functionality as a whiteboard / projection surface. The superflex magnetic wallpaper, on the other hand, can be painted with any paint or papered over with a lightweight wallpaper.

Which magnets can I use on the wallpaper??

Use only neodymium magnets. You will find a selection of suitable magnets below:

How do I clean the 2-in-1 / 3-in-1 wallpaper?

Always use a microfibre cloth to clean the whiteboard surface.

How can I remove the superflex wallpaper?

It can be removed like any standard wallpaper. Please note that the superflex vinyl wallpaper paste is a very strong adhesive.

superflex magnetic plaster

Below, we have gathered frequently asked questions about the superflex magnetic plaster for you.

What is the difference between magnetic plaster and magnetic paint?

The following characteristics are the main differences between the two products: Magnetic plaster is much more ferromagnetic than magnetic paint. Magnetic plaster is thick and is applied with a trowel. Magnetic paint, on the other hand, is more fluid and is applied with a paint roller.

Should the installation be carried out by a specialist company?

Yes, it is recommended. However, experienced do-it-yourselfers can apply the magnetic plaster themselves.

Can I dilute the magnetic plaster before applying it to the wall?

No, never add any liquid to the magnetic plaster. The superflex magnetic plaster is already mixed and can be directly applied to the desired wall.

Do I have to wear protective clothing to install the magnetic plaster?

Yes, wear gloves and safety glasses while applying the plaster. Also, ventilate the room well during the installation process.

How many layers need to be applied?

We recommend that you apply 2 layers of magnetic plaster. You could apply 3–5 layers if you want a surface with even stronger ferromagnetic properties.

What should I do if cracks formed in the magnetic plaster on the wall?

If you add another layer of magnetic plaster to the wall before the previous layer is completely dry, the plaster can crack. Cracks can also form if the wall is not stable enough or if it moves.
Allow sufficient time for the magnetic plaster to dry and fill in any cracks with magnetic plaster.

Can I paint the magnetic plaster with wall paint or apply wallpaper over it?

Most certainly. You can paint the plaster or paper over it with a lightweight wallpaper. Wait at least 12 hours before you paint over the plaster. Since the magnetic plaster is black, we recommend that you first apply a white primer to give you the best possible results when you cover it with the wall paint.
You also have the option of applying whiteboard paint over the magnetic plaster. Make sure that the magnetic plaster is as smooth as possible so that you can later write on the whiteboard surface without any problems.

Which magnets can I use on the magnetic plaster?

Use only neodymium magnets. You will find a selection of suitable magnets below:

Does the magnetic plaster affect the WiFi signal?

No, the signal is not interrupted by the magnetic plaster.

Does the magnetic plaster affect pacemakers?

No. The magnetic plaster only contains ferromagnetic particles and therefore does not have a negative effect on pacemakers.

How can I remove the magnetic plaster?

By sanding the wall or simply painting over the magnetic plaster.