Block magnet 110,6 x 89 x 19,5 mm

Neodymium, N45, epoxy coating
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The MONOLITH with its adhesive force of 200 kg is the strongest magnet we ever carried in our supermagnete assortment.
This extreme adhesive force allows stunts such as the one in the following video, which even puts the DEATH MAGNET in the corner.

Due to its high adhesive force, the MONOLITH is a very dangerous magnet and not suitable for magnet novices. It is imperative that you carefully review the enclosed safety tips.
Read about more features and tips

Technical data

Article ID Q-111-89-20-E
EAN 7640155436151
Material NdFeB
Shape Block
Size 110,6 x 89 x 19,5 mm
Tolerance +/- 0,2 mm
Direction of magnetisation Axis 19,5 mm
Coating Epoxy coating (Ni-Cu-Ni-Epoxy)
Magnetisation N45
Strength approx. 200 kg (approx. 1960 N)
Max. working temperature 80°C (possibly lower)
Weight 1,5 kg
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Additional features and tips

You've seen correctly: A MONOLITH is strong enough to lift up two people!

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Here you can see how absurdly huge this magnet is.
The little thing in the front is a 1 euro coin.

It is not advisable to place the magnet flat on a metal surface without sliding something in between (e.g. a few layers of cardboard): Removal would be practically impossible.
The giant magnet comes in a protective styrofoam packaging, which is placed in a cardboard box.
We recommend to reuse the packaging for transportation and storage and not remove the warning sticker. This protects third parties who don't know what they are dealing with.
Attention: The box provides a certain protection from injuries, but it nevertheless attracts metal objects. So, don't put your finger in between when you put it down on a steel table and keep it away from electronic devices! And if you purchase two or more MONOLITHS, extra caution is required.
Again: This is a very dangerous magnet that can easily take off your fingertip!
If you drop it on a metal surface it will break into 1000 pieces and sharp splinters will fly around (protect eyes!).
This magnet is not suitable for magnet novices and needs to be handled with extreme caution and respect.

Please take this warning seriously.
Impression from the video shoot: Fausto presents the MONOLITH.
The whole Making-Of can be viewed here: Video "The Power of Magnets": Making-Of
Impression from the video shoot: The MONOLITH (black) in a headlock between metal beam and massive H-beam, ready for the endurance test.
First endurance test: Fausto is hanging from the magnet.
Ultimate endurance test: The MONOLITH even lifts up two women with no problem.
Do you know Kubrick's epic film "2001: A Space Odyssey" from the year 1968?
Then you know why we had to call this magnet MONOLITH.

If not: Here is a scene from the film. (If you are impatient, fast-forward to 3:40.)

We can't promise a mind-altering experience upon touching the magnet, however.
The MONOLITH in its epoxy coating is shimmery black.
In order to demonstrate the extreme adhesive force of these magnets, we let chicken bones, porcelain figurines and an egg burst in between two MONOLITHS. Although filming this was really cool: These are very dangerous magnets and imitating these stunts is not recommended!