Disc magnet self-adhesive Ø 10 mm, height 1 mm

Neodymium, N35, nickel-plated
promptly deliverable


Bestseller: More than 12 000 000 sold!
The convenient solution, if you want to glue on the S-10-01-N. This is a flat disc magnet (10 mm diameter, 1 mm thick) with a self-adhesive side. Just remove the film and glue it on.
With this magnet, every surface can be turned into a memo board and pictures can be hung up everywhere without making holes.
If you order 20 pieces, you receive 10 magnet pairs!
Read about more features and tips

Technical data

Article ID S-10-01-STIC
EAN 7640155437547
Material NdFeB
Shape Disc self-adhesive
Diameter 10 mm
Height 1 mm
Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to height)
Coating Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation N35
Strength approx. 540 g (approx. 5,3 N)
Max. working temperature 80°C (possibly lower)
Adhesive 3M, No. 467MP
Shelf life adhesive 12 months (approx.)
Weight 0,6 g
Adhesive data sheet
PDF data sheet

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Additional features and tips

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A plastic strip separates the magnetic pairs and makes the handling easier.

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The magnets will be delivered in pairs, meaning one half with a self-adhesive south pole and one half with a self-adhesive north pole.
One sales unit contains a strip of 10 pairs, meaning 20 single magnets. If you order 20 pieces in the shop, you receive a strip like the one in the picture.
Please note that the magnets are in alternative order, so they are not attracting each other. That means, north and south pole alternate if you peel off the magnets one after the other from the strip. This is only relevant when it's important which magnetic pole to glue on.
The video shows how a card can be closed with two self-adhesive magnets.
Self-adhesive magnets need to be placed, pressed and dried on suitable surfaces to adhere properly. Please read our FAQ about self-adhesive magnets.
What can you do with these self-adhesive magnets?
Let's say, you want to close a mailing or an invitation in an original way.
Glue one magnet onto one side.
Place the second magnet with the protective film on it - the two magnets fit exactly on top of each other.
Then you can take off the protective film and press the magnets onto the latch of the mailing. The two sides "magically" stick together and can be repeatedly opened and closed.
The same principle applies of course to the closing of a cardboard box, an invitation card, etc.
Please note that you cannot send such a mailing directly through the postal service, because the magnets would stick to all sorts of metallic surfaces. Even a paper envelope does not do much good - the magnets should be several millimeters apart from the surrounding packaging in order to avoid problems during transport.
If the box will be in use over a longer period of time, it is recommended not to use adhesive magnets and to incorporate these directly into the packaging, like in the example above. Here, the magnets are glued between the cardboard and a layer of paper. This way it can be avoided that the magnets splinter or break after some time. Neodymium magnets are brittle and therefore not suitable for repeated clashing.
The used adhesive is a 3M adhesive (type 467MP). The English data sheet for the adhesive can be found here:
3M data sheet
It sticks!
Making magnetic name tags that are easy on your fabrics is only one way to use this disc magnet.
A selection of our self-adhesive magnets: From 1 mm thin to 3 kg adhesive force - with or without foam, round or angular - the appropriate self-adhesive magnet for your every need.