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When the Shelves are Full

Who says you can fill up shelves only from the bottom up?
Author: A.H., Neuötting, Germany
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Storage for bulk purchases

Who doesn't recognize this? Before Christmas or when you're having a bunch of visitors, you go on a real grocery shopping spree. Then you get home with those bags full of groceries and you wonder where on earth you're going to store them all!
A simple solution for pantries with metal shelving is disc magnets from supermagnete.fr: I just used magnets to hang up tin cans and bottles to the shelf top. This way, you can use each shelf twice - once on the top and once on the bottom. It looks good, is simple to use and very practical.

Prepare cans & bottles with magnets

I attached one disc magnet 20x3 mm to each can or glass and hung them up on the bottom of the metal shelf. It is recommended to use at least 3 mm thick magnets since the tins have an edge.
If you don't have a metal shelf, you can also attach magnets with an adhesive or Sugru on the bottom side of a shelf. This version is not quite as elegant or flexible.

Similar magnetic shelves

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