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Video "The Power of Magnets": Making-of

A behind-the-scenes look of the video shoot
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland, [email protected]
Online since: 31/05/2016, Number of visits: 341917
Table of Contents
Do our strongest magnets deliver what we promise? If so, our strongest magnet "Monolith" (200 kg adhesive force) should safely hold two people. We wanted to find out and did the test - the result is demonstrated in the following spectacular video!
The following gives you an insight into the Making-Of of the video and all the things that had to be considered during this complex video shoot.

Ingredients for a one-of-a-kind magnet video

Three dauntless and slightly crazy supermagnete staff members who volunteered as laymen actors: Fausto (customer care Italian) & the geek girls Keiko (photography, left) and Cora (online marketing, right).
For such a shoot you need neodymium super magnets that rightfully carry this name (from little to large):
  • GIANT with comparatively meager 20 kg adhesive force
  • DEATH MAGNET with 100 kg adhesive force
  • MONOLITH with unbelievable 200 kg adhesive force (picture)
Protective gear is a must: safety glasses due to potential metal splinters, gloves against bruises, helmet to protect from falling equipment (magnet, T-beam, lighting, etc.). Luckily everything went well and the gear wasn't even needed.
A workshop with just about everything your heart desires: welding equipment, forklift, crane, metal in all sizes and shapes, tools from little to large - and even a disco ball (who can find it?).
A professional film team. Booked: Stefan & Mike from Instantview.
Fausto's microphone is being wired so his concise voice can be heard crystal-clear.
Here we go!
Indisputable main character: Fausto the Brave - here sanding down the oxidation coat on the metal beam. The beam is already strapped to the crane and will be lifted up shortly.

Kick-off: THE GIANT

A dumbbell is attached to the GIANT. Of course, Fausto quickly realizes that this is nowhere near enough to get the attention of the geek girls.
This can't be it. There's got to be more... Sure, a hammer and a huge monkey wrench can also be attached with no problem. But somehow this is still not impressive enough, especially if you are used to large super magnets!


OK, enough of this. You asked for it! The GIANT is replaced by our old friend: the DEATH MAGNET. We had to place a wooden wedge between the metal beam and the magnet. Otherwise, the magnet would have been damaged for sure or burst into pieces on impact.
That's more like it: From the DEATH MAGNET hang a bike, a hammer, the before-mentioned monkey wrench and to top it off a mini scooter. But Cora should probably not stand on it...
What does Fausto say? "But wait - there is more!"


We're done with the child's play: Now we are showing off our strongest magnet, the MONOLITH, with bombastic 200 kg adhesive force.
Here we can see the MONOLITH in a headlock between a metal beam and a massive H-beam. The pink straps below increase the safety of the experiment: If the H-beam should come undone, it would be caught by the straps and not fall on the head of our protagonist.
Time to get serious!
The stylish shirt and suspenders have to go - this is the moment of truth.
We dared him and he did it: Fausto floats in the air! "Impressed at last?" The geek girls are astonished.
"Oh, we've got to do it too?" A true geek girl doesn't shy away from a challenge!
Respect... All set with safety glasses, gloves and helmet? There is an element of danger to this exercise.
Granted, Cora & Keiko don't look quite as relaxed as Fausto before... However, the MONOLITH holds them with no problem. Okay, the two girls are far from 200 kg, but the T-beam alone weighs already 15 kg.
In the end, Cora loses some points for a very inelegant landing.

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