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Universal connection for battery charging device

Thanks to electronic conductivity of magnets, all rechargeable batteries can be charged
Author: Fabiano Albrici, Seriate, Italy
Online since: 24/02/2009, Number of visits: 265333
In order to charge batteries I use a charging device with alligator clips.
My son asked me recently to charge the four batteries of his toy. These were standard AA batteries, and I didn't know how to connect them with the clips.
Then I remembered the W-05-N cube magnets that I bought from you a while ago. 11 of them helped me connect the four batteries in series (see photo or project Serial connection of batteries).
Now, I only had to attach the charging clips at the beginning and the end of the series...
... and turn on the charging device. This system is really convenient and quick. It allows me to simultaneously charge as many batteries as I like.