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Tidying up remote controls

Put an end to the remote control chaos on your coffee table!
Author: A.R., Günselsdorf, Austria
Online since: 03/01/2012, Number of visits: 154140
It takes 7 remote controls to operate all our electronic devices in the living room - pure chaos! The purchase of a universal remote control reduced the number of remotes to 4. They are usually on the coffee table and always in the way. But where to put them? Of course - hide them on the underside of the coffee table!

Materials needed:

  • Zinc-plated steel panel (approx. 30x15x0,15 cm)
  • 1 sheet protector
  • Adhesive tape
  • 2x block magnets Q-10-10-03-N for lighter remote controls
  • 1x S-10-04-N
  • Self-adhesive felt, same thickness as the magnet
  • Screws (double-sided adhesive tape for glass tables)


1. Get a zinc-plated steel panel from your preferred home improvement store, if possible have them drill holes right there.
2. Place the steel panel into the sheet protector, fold the plastic over and attach it to the backside with adhesive tape. You don't have to use the sheet protector, but then the friction between magnet and steel is very high and the remote controls will be hard to move around on the steel panel.
3. Use 3 screws to screw the steel panel to the underside of the coffee table. If you have a glass table, you would have to use double-sided adhesive tape.
Depending on the size of the remote control, you will need different magnets. For the smallest remote controls Q-10-10-03-N are suitable.
4. Glue the magnets to the backside of the remote controls.
5. Attach felt to the opposite side so the remote is flush against the steel panel.
The magnet S-10-04-N fit right into the battery compartment of the third remote.
Note from the supermagnete team: This type of mounting is the same as in project Mounting a thermometer.
That's how the three remote controls look on the steel panel:
Here they can be seen upside down on the underside of the coffee table: