Tea caddies in a niche

Tea caddies don't have to be hidden in a dark cupboard!
Author: Françoise Collomb, La Rochelle, France, [email protected]
I had a decorative idea of how to accentuate my collection of tea caddies in a niche:
I put a block magnet Q-15-15-03-N on the inside of each caddy. That works great even without adhesive since these are sheet iron caddies.
Then I mounted a discreet iron bar into the wall niche and placed the caddies along the bar. The magnets are so strong that they adhere through the tea caddies to the bar.
You can also attach the caddies to the refrigerator or to another metal surface.
The colourful caddies attract attention - it would be too bad if they collected dust in a cupboard!

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