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Storing chair cushions

Where to put chair cushions when you have a shortage of space?
Author: Hans-Peter Canziani, Zürich, Switzerland
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The problem:
You constantly have to save a pile of patio furniture cushions from the rain or other conditions. Sure, you can just pile them up somewhere if you have the space. But what if you don't have the space?
The solution for 8 chair cushions:
Use a textile tape (from the pharmacy, usually for securing bandages) and 8 Q-20-10-02-N block magnets (don't use any stronger magnets, since the cushion could be damaged otherwise).
Tape a magnet on the face of the cushion center and put the cover over it again. Done!
Tip: Tape all magnets in the same orientation, so they reject each other and the cushions don't stick to each other - that's not what you want.
Now you can hang up the cushions on a metal surface, like on a flat iron bar on the ceiling (see picture). Hang them up at a distance, which allows the cushions to dry. When needed you can just "pick" the cushions :-).