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Stool with magnetic suspension

Mary Poppins would like this stool!
Author: Emma Hedberg, Stockholm, Sweden
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The designer Emma Hedberg, co-founder of the design studios "Emma Marga Blanche" in Stockholm, used 8 of our extremely strong S-45-30-N disc magnets with about 60 kg adhesive force each for a designer stool named SUPER.
There is one disc magnet in every Plexiglass foot. The reversely aligned disc magnets are attached to the flexible wooden part. That's how the stool receives its special suspension.
Emma wants to keep the exact making a secret though.
This stool is a unique piece so far, but Emma managed to attract already a lot of attention with it. The stool was exhibited for the first time in February of 2009 in Stockholm as well as at the Design Festival in June of 2009 in Berlin. Emma is planning on producing more of these stools and exhibiting them in various galleries.
To get more information on Emma's work, visit her website.