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Standing pencil

This pencil seems to not have paid attention in physics class
Author: Manuel Rodriguez, Spain
Online since: 28/11/2016, Number of visits: 358564
This pencil that I developed is an eye-catcher on every desk. It seems to be totally independent of gravity and able to stand freely on its tip! The parts for the frame came from a 3D printer and can be printed in different colours.

Materials needed

  • Parts from a 3D printer (print instruction at Thingiverse)
  • 1 pencil with eraser
  • 1 disc magnet S-20-10-N (in the frame)
  • 1 disc magnet S-06-03-N (in the pencil under the eraser)
  • Adhesive
Note: Instead of the "Magnet_Pencil_AUX" you can also use a normal square eraser.
This impressive effect is possible thanks to the strong neodymium disc magnets. Here you can see the large disc magnet embedded in the bottom side of the top frame.


Print the frame and the rubber facsimile, glue it together and glue the large disc magnet into the indentation on the top.
Remove the eraser from the pencil and glue the small disc magnet into the space. Make sure you have the correct orientation of the magnet, so it will be attracted by the large disc magnet! Hollow out the eraser 3mm and glue it back on. Now you can place the pencil in the frame.
You can do many different colour combinations with the 3D parts.
Note from the supermagnete team: The project Addicting table decoration is comparable and worth seeing.
Addition from our customer Willy Mürmann, Uster (Switzerland):
The stand-up pencil served as a Christmas gift inspiration for company clients. I further developed this idea and used pens instead since they are more used in the office.
The stand for the pen is made of wood. What's smart about it is that a magnet is embedded in the top of the wooden arc and therefore not visible for the user. The push button is a small glued-on disc magnet, which does not stand out at first glance.
I am planning another enhancement for the magnetic pen holder. I'd like to embed a small LED light into the wooden arc to illuminate the pen, which would make it an even bigger eye-catcher.

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