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Serial connection of batteries

Thanks to the conductivity of super magnets!
Author: Federico Filoni, Manno, Switzerland
Online since: 24/05/2008, Number of visits: 310884
Hello team supermagnete!
I like to play around with electronics and can make use of your magnets for a very practical purpose. Often I require a specific voltage but I don't have professional tools or the classic serial connection box. Then I thought of your magnets, because I can easily use them to build my own serial connector using individual batteries.
To connect standard AA-batteries I used small disc magnets S-08-03-N which you gave me as a free sample with one of my orders.
You need only one magnet between each of the batteries...
... and at the end of the row of batteries you trap a bit of wire between two magnets.
Given the strong attractive force between the super magnets, it is advisable to place the magnets with alternating poles (N/S/N/S) because even with a battery between them, they can reject each other.
Look at that: it works wonderfully :-)