Protection of big magnets

Strong, but vulnerable: This protection provides a remedy
Author: Markus Prowaznik, Germany
Table of Contents

Huge magnet in aluminum casing

I have a S-45-30-N disc magnet, which is really awesome. Unfortunately, you have to be terribly careful it doesn't crash into things and get deformed.
That's why I came up with the following: I glued it into a self-made aluminium box.
Apply UHU Plus Endfest generously, that works!
Note from the supermagnete team: Since 2015 we sell the adhesive UHU MAX REPAIR instead.
If the disc magnet wants to "meet" steel beams or other magnets now, it's all good :-)
On this picture you can see new "bruises", but they won't do anything to the protected magnet anymore.

Disc magnet as a door opener

Here is a practical application where I glued a disc magnet into a small aluminium box, which is connected to a chain and holds open (self-closing) our door to the heating room!
Another case of: Not pretty, but very practical!

Alternative: Huge magnet with wood cover

Our customer Christoph Müller from Switzerland had another idea for protecting strong magnets: He glued a COLOSSUS into a cover of very thin nutwood. The cover is treated with varnish. The attractive force of the magnet is still immense as you can see on a photo of one of his sculptures. You still have to expect scratches and dents on the wooden surface if the magnet is used heavily.

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