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Pillar of potential

An artistic dealing with the subject "bridge"
Author: Sam Zealey, www.SAMZEALEY.com, London, United Kingdom
Online since: 13/12/2010, Number of visits: 123304
This sculpture was shown in a BBC2 TV show called "School of Saatchi's Best of British." I was one of 6 artists that made it to the final, and I was invited to show my work as part of the Saatchi Gallery's exhibit "Don't raise the bridge, lower the river." Since then, this sculpture has been sold to the Contemporary Arts Society and is considered an important piece of 21st century art.
My thoughts to this work:
This piece features two extremely strong block magnets (Death Magnet, note from the supermagnete team) that are attracting each other and thereby stretching the wires that they are attached to. The gap between the magnets is bridged by their magnetic force. In this work I felt that the art is in the gap, but without the magnets the gap would be lost.
On my website you can find this and my more of my work.

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