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Pebble Sculpture

A multidimensional stone "puzzle"
Author: Stéphane Tourraine, Montrouge, France, [email protected]
Online since: 30/01/2008, Number of visits: 226413
Here you see a sculpture using small pebbles which I collected on the beach in Dieppe. Of course, you can use larger pebbles and stones, but the larger the stone, the larger the magnet needs to be. And the larger the magnet, the more you must be careful that they don't crash together! I used 46 pebbles, 134 mini magnets S-05-02-N52N and 16 larger magnets S-05-08-N.
First you glue the magnets on the stones with superglue, and cover them with a thin layer of UHU MAX REPAIR. To shorten the drying time, I placed the stones in an oven heated to 80° for 40 minutes. (Without an oven, the drying time is 24 hours.)
Superglue is used first so that the magnets remain in place even when multiple magnets are glued to the same stone. Because UHU has a longer drying time, the magnets may slide out of place before the drying is completed.
Once the glue is dry, it is very effective and holds the sculpture together very well!
And what exactly do you need it for? Well, nothing!
It is a decorative object; a piece of art which amazes and surprises, and is actually a 3D puzzle.
One could build a lamp base out of it; I once saw something similar in an art gallery.