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Paper towel holder

Finally a truly simple and practical holder
Author: Stéphane Fuscagni, Maurepas, France, [email protected]
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There are all sorts of holders for paper towels. And everyone probably had to deal with one at some point that wasn't easy to handle. Stéphane shows us a DIY solution that doesn't get much simpler.
For his paper towel holder, Stéphane bent a metal rod into the appropriate shape and placed each end on a magnetic hook. The upright parts can't be too long so you can exchange the empty paper towel roll with a new one without much effort.
Prerequisite for this DIY paper towel holder is a magnetic surface (fridge door, metal cabinet, etc.). Alternatively, you may also screw fitting metal discs (link below) on a surface to act as counterparts for the magnetic hooks.
To protect the magnetic surface from scratches, you can cover the magnetic hooks with rubber caps.