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Mini greenhouse

Assembled and disassembled into individual parts in seconds
Author: C. Egli, Winterthur
Online since: 07/10/2010, Number of visits: 134542
My friend and I built a mini greenhouse for peppers and chili plants, which can be taken apart and stored in a space-saving way during the cold season. The idea came to me after reading the project Vacation Home for Rats.

Required material:

  • 6 polystyrene sheets (significantly cheaper than acrylic glass, but not UV-resistant)
  • 20 cube magnets of the type W-05-G
  • 20 block magnets of the type Q-05-05-02-G
  • Adhesive for plastics (UHU MAX REPAIR unfortunately does not hold!)
  • Transparent adhesive tape


1. Cut the polystyrene panels to the sizes shown in the diagram (40 x 30 cm panels are available as standard sizes).
2. Stick ten cube magnets at regular intervals on each end face (2 mm from the edge) and fix them with adhesive tape. Allow to dry well.
3. Glue six square magnets to the edge of each side panels and four square magnets on each roof panel and fix with adhesive tape. Allow to dry well.
If you have done everything correctly (i.e. if the magnets attract and do not repel each other), you can assemble the greenhouse as shown below (and with a satisfactory click):
Because the cubes are glued 2 mm inwards, the 2 mm thick blocks fill the gap perfectly and the plates are held together without a gap.
The crucial point in this project is the adhesive: the proven UHU plus endfest 300 does not adhere to plastic, a second adhesive also failed miserably. Therefore my tip: Leave the adhesive strips over the magnets even after drying, so that the adhesive doesn't fail immediately.
The mini greenhouse stood on my friend's terrace this summer. It was much too hot for the plants in the midday hours and thus one half of the roof had to be removed (see below). The stability of the house is nevertheless guaranteed. Anyway, the structure is that stable that one can pick it up and place it somewhere else without taking it apart. This is useful when, for example, it needs to be quickly brought to safety during a storm.
Unfortunately we couldn't harvest any chillies this year yet, but we are on the right track.
Now that the season is over, we can dismantle the greenhouse in a few seconds and stow it in the cellar to save space. Hopefully next year we will have more success with the plants!
Note from the supermagnete team: Our magnets are designed for dry indoor use. During longer outdoor use they can start to rust and lose their magnetization. As an alternative we recommend our rubberised magnets.

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