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Magnetic wall marble run

Build your own magnetic ball track in just a few steps
Author: Elterngruppe Windredli, Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
Online since: 18/03/2021, Number of visits: 41366
We from the Windredli parentsÔÇÖ group noticed that some marble runs are very unstable. If you want to build a track on the ground, you need a lot of precision and a steady hand. So this is not something for smaller children. And when older children play with it or parents set up the marble run, it is usually destroyed (unintentionally) within a very short time. Our idea: If you glue magnets to the individual marble track segments, they become interchangeable and can be combined in new ways again and again. The only prerequisite is a vertical metal surface on which to attach the marble run with the magnets. You could call it a magnetic wall ball track. Thanks to the magnets, it is possible to construct much larger marble runs which are fun for all ages.

We used the following materials for the magnetic wall marble run:
We equipped each segment of the ball track on both sides with the self-adhesive magnets. Longer segments were given two magnets per side so that they would stick well to the metal sheet. The magnetic wall marble run was completed in no time and all of us have a lot of fun playing with it.